EverNight is an Island split into different clans.
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 Fennrall, Luca

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Luca Fennrall

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PostSubject: Fennrall, Luca   Thu Dec 31, 2009 5:00 pm

Clan Application
First Name: Luca
Middle Name:
Last Name: Fennrall
Nickname(s): Lu, Lu-Lu, Fen, Rall
Age: 18
Birthday: December 8th
Clan: Unknown
Element: Wind

Special Ability:Earth's Gift

  • Explanation & Limits of Gift:The gift as no true name. But yet, the power is known to take natural energy from the earth around her. It comes as a green, or a blue kind of color. Depending on how the gift is used, then the colors differ between the two colors. The limit to Luca's gift is that she can pass out if using it too long.

Weapon:Long Sword

  • Explanation of Weapon:Luca owns a long, silver sword. The sword seems to hold the same natural energy as Luca's gift. Some say that the origin of the sword, might be the reason of Luca's unknown ability.

Physical Appearance: Luca is fair skin person. For that she wanders all over being in the sun 24/7 most of the time. Luca has strange colored hair. During the day Luca has pure black hair; while during the night. It becomes both black, and white hair strips. Due to her eyes being a close onyx, blue color. Her shirt is mostly one that is purple, warping around her shoulders. One sleeve is is down to her wrist, while the other one is always rolled up to her elbow. While she wears a black skirt, and sometimes she'll wear other outfits. Depending on the area that she is in at the time. Other times Luca will wear a long robe, that is black and has different colored clothes run off some other ends.
General Attitude/Personality: Luca can act, well, very harsh most times. She gives off an energy as that of not caring what happens around her. She's mean, but yet; deep within she is breaking slowly the tears of the unseen falling. Luca was a kind, caring person before finding out something of her clan. Luca is seen to also have a deep dark side within herself that takes control when her normal persona is unable to take the stress anymore. This person is known to be Xile; a woman that shows that of true emotions. Within those of the broken; are those of the healing.

Likes: Sweets, Friends, Winter Nights
Dislikes: Sour, Fiends, Winter Mornings
Bad Habits: Spaces out, very bitter at times, falls asleep at the worst times.
Fears: Being alone, in the world with no one else.
Other: Luca might not look it. But she cares deep down for her family and clan.

The Past
Parents: Ikira Fennrall, Julia Fennrall

Siblings: Seven other siblings...

History: Luca was born of a purebred of a though to be lost clan. Though the true title, or name, of the clan hasn't ever been known. She is known to be the second oldest out of Seven other children excluding herself. As you might be wondering. Luca is part of the main head branch of her clan; a reason why there is so many children within the Fennrall family. Luca is seen to be quite harsh and mean to her oldest sibling. Due to that of what happens once they both come of that of age. In the purebred family of the Fennrall's; the second and first oldest child shall wed; to keep the pure-blood flowing. As that the other children are able to wed anyone else. Strangely, either the first child shall be a boy; while the second will always been a female.

When Luca was thirteen years old, she had found out about her two year older brother, about what would happen. She was shocked upon what was going to happen when she became older. When Luca went to talk to her brother about it; he said that he knew about it, and hoped she understood. She did, but as she grew older, she started to act distance before leaving the Clan's hidden area. People are unsure about where the girl is. The Oldest brother and other men of the clan now search for her.

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PostSubject: Re: Fennrall, Luca   Sat Jan 09, 2010 4:33 pm

normal form

full form (the big wolf...= over half the size of regular man)
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Fennrall, Luca
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