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 Rukia, Katon

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PostSubject: Rukia, Katon   Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:47 pm

Clan Application
First Name: Katon
Middle Name: Ayame
Last Name: Rukia
Nickname(s): Kat
Age: 17, appears 14
Birthday: August 28
Clan: Shapeshifter Clan
Element: Water/ Ice, Shadow/Dark

Special Ability: Temporary Power Gain

  • Explanation & Limits of Gift: Can gain the minor abilities of whatever she transforms into so it is more convincing. She gains the powers only when in that form, and only uses the new powers for defence.

Weapon: Kyouki

  • Explanation of Weapon: a scythe that can freeze anything on contact or liquify non-human objects. It may also absorb a shadow of anything non-human in the area to double the strenght of the blade to make it stronger. There is a cover on it (that Katon often forgets) that can keep it from freezing something it may accidentally bump into.

Physical Appearance: Though her appearence changes daily (or so) her natural self is a Neko with very short brown or deep red hair. She has pale skin with a tattoo on the left side of her chest. She is 5'3'' and weighs 112.4 lb. She has a lip ring and caramel eyes. She is very fit, and she enjoys showing off her feminine six-pack with shirts showing her tummy. She often wears very short shorts or skirts. She has black to grey cat ears naturally and a tail to match.

General Attitude/Personality: Katon is a calm and happy person overall, and likes to at least try and make friends. Zankoku is more violent than Katon, and gets into fights constantly...
Zankoku would do anything to protect Katon, and is more sensative when he is alone with her.
Goals: Katon: To become an olympic Swimmer
Zankoku: To one day be with Katon

Likes: Katon: Sweets, Cats, Jokes
Zankoku: Sweets, Fights, Katon
Dislikes: Katon: Mean People, Vegitables, Blood
Zankoku: Rules, Vegitables, Pain after a fight
Bad Habits: Katon: Smokes a little, may take her jokes too far
Zankoku: Gets into fights way too often, that upsets Katon and he doesn't like that.
Fears: (Both) Heat
Katon: Thunder/Lightning
Zankoku: Getting killed in a fight.
Other: Zankoku has had a crush on Katon for many years, and Katon secretly enjoys his crush.

The Past
Parents: Unknown

Siblings: --

When Katon was born, she was in a cat form. She was blind and deaf, not aware of anything. From that, she never knew who her parents where. She grew up learning on her own and when she was 13, the stress of being on her own got to her head and she got a split personality. The split personality became so severe, he made himself appear beside Katon and may even speak to eachother.
Zankoku Na had grown a love for Katon, no matter how much of an opposite she was to him, ever since they were both 14. Zankoku Na has picked fights with many Inu's and won most of the fights he got himself into.
Katon worries over Zankoku Na and the many fights, and that is one of the reasons Zankoku Na loves her. Katon secretly enjoys Zankoku Na's crush on her, and kinda liked him back.
They live together still, and Zankoku Na is usually out and wandering with Katon.
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Rukia, Katon
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