EverNight is an Island split into different clans.
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 Hiwatari, Yuan

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PostSubject: Hiwatari, Yuan   Sat Jan 16, 2010 5:10 pm

Technique name: Dark Wall
Type: Dark/Shadow
Technique description: Yuan's eyes flash a deep, dark, sinister purple color and a wall of black energy forms in front of her immediatly. This wall extends out two feet to the left and two feet to the right with an foot in the center{in front of Yuan}. This wall protects the user and those behind it from any kind of technique or attack however light/holy magic is still able to get through though the damage is reduced by half. This wall will only last as long as the technique used on it.
Required Strength points:-3
Required Magic points:-10
Health Deduction:-0
Technique benefits:Protects the user from any technique or attack{except Light/Holy} for as long as that technique or attack is.
Technique flaws:Techniques or attacks that are Light/Holy based can still break through though the damage is reduced by half.

Technique name: Lightning
Type: Lightning
Technique description:Yuan casts a simple bolt of lightning by either blinking{which will cause the eyes to flash electric blue}, snapping her fingers, or pointing up at the sky{and if she chooses, then at the target}. Due to it being lightning, it'll hurt more if the opponent is wet.
Required Strength points:-0
Required Magic points:-4 {-5 if simply blinking}
Health Deduction:-3 {-5 if opponent is wet}
Technique benefits:Simple to cast
Technique flaws: Doesn't hurt much, costs very slightly more if only blinking.

Technique name: Dark Ball
Type: Dark/Shadow
Technique description:Yuan gathers a ball of negative{Dark} energy in her hand and throws it an the enemy. This travels very quickly and has a high chance of hitting but it doesn't do much damage.
Required Strength points:-0
Required Magic points:-6
Health Deduction:-5
Technique benefits:Simply to cast
Technique flaws:Doesn't do much damage.

Yuan "Fayt" Amelia Hiwatari
Yukine{pronounced: Yu-key-neh}

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Hiwatari, Yuan
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