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 Magun Blades

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Cortez Cunningham

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PostSubject: Magun Blades   Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:49 pm

Clan Application
First Name: Magun
Middle Name:
Last Name: Blades
Nickname(s): The Holy One
Age: 3000 years old. Apperance of 18 years old
Birthday: Unknown
Clan: Wicth/Warlock Clan
Element: Light and Lighting

Special Ability:
Magun has the abilty ot create a force fields around him.

  • Explanation & Limits of Gift:
Whenever he
chooses. Magun gained this abitly. When one day while he studying on
new spells to used. Magun can make his force field vary in stregneth. The stronger thier are but the more enegry(stamina its takes). To keep it up.
Magun unlike other people can't use his force fields on others people. If Maugn
uses his forcefield for prolong preidos of time he can very tried and can be easily defeated in battle. Also while he in the his force field he can't use attack
or he risk hittint hiself with his own attack.

Neo:Magun Spear Light: Magun Shiled

  • Explanation of Weapon:

Neo is spear that Magun made hiself. Magun can channel his elements
powers into his spear and can make powerful attacks with his spear. His spear
can also stop emenimes lighting attacks and send them back at the emeny. Neo spear tip looks like Mini dagger with a small cystral in the back center of it.
while the the rest spear it made out of non-coudcting metal.

Light. Magun shield is shield that was pass down to him by his father.
The shiled is bigger engouh that Magun can used it to carry one preson
out of the battlefield in case they coudn't move or some. Like a strencher.
Light is round and golden and can be block regular melee attacks and some
elements attacks..

Physical Appearance: Magun Blades usually wears his priest robes. That are white alomost like the color of stars and some even say heaven itself. Also on his robe there are two red crossess.
Also Magun usually wears two gold chains. The smaller of the two gold chains has small diamond on it. Maguns stands at 5'1 foot and weights about 186 pounds. He has blonde hair and light purple eyes. But usually his hair covers his left eye. There nothing wrong with his left eye its just that Magun likes to cover it. Magun has a lean but muslcar built body..
General Attitude/Personality: (
Magun is usually a lone wolf and usually nevers likes to fool around.. Likes to keep to hiself and study his fighting moves and his spells. Magun is friendly one you get to know him and he always tries to used his manner and is sometimes a neat freak but hey. To Magun its better to be Neat than to died in battle just because you couldn't find what you where looking for.. Magun has no sense of humor what so ever so jokes will never work on Magun. Also
Magun is hard to flrit with. Magun really isn't looking for love or anything he just wants to be the world's best figher

His Goals is to become the best fighter in the world and
Become greater than the Gods themselves.

Likes: Training and thinking. To get
strong and learning new things.
Dislikes: The element of darkness. Hate people who complain and take no action
Bad Habits: Tends to think to much and yawns a little bit to much.
Fears: Losing his abilty to fight. That history will repeat his self and he has to relive the day that changed everything.
Other: Before coming here. Magun
was put under a curse. The cruse was that he couldn't age(grow old). At First he laugh at the old witch but later after ten years has passed and look in mirror adn saw that he haven't age a bit. Dosen't look day over eighteen.
" Is this really a blessing or a cruse?" Magun always ask that question.

The Past
Leo Blades(father,dead)

When I was born my mother bathed me in wine soon after I was born to see if I was strongest to become a warrior. Luckily I surived and was deemed
strong so I was taking to the ONE(The Angel of war was this stranger nickname by my father. The ONE look over me and said to my father that I would make a great warrior maybe the best thier counrty has ever seen. Until the age of six I was living with my family. When I truned sevev years I was taking out of my family house and put in base like a military training base.
While there we were fed very little food on purpose. To encourage us the master of stealing food. I also study writing,music,arts,and dancing. We (the other kids with me) did weapons,phsyical, and mental training. After eleven years of that. When I became eighteen I was put into our army reserve. Before leaving the base when throw out into middle of nowhere with nothing but knife and colthes on our back and a sack .We had to kill and bring the head of 30 lesser(people condiser to be unholy) and bring it back to the base. For 2 years did more training. At age of 20 we were suppose to marry. So I find a hot girl which I had deep feeling at young ager.In my childhood but I coundn't live with my wife until I serve ten years in army on active duty. So ten years of served into the miltray I was able to live with my wife. My wife named was Helen. She was everything to me and I did everything I could to keep her safe. One day while he working in the woods he discover he have powers like a mage or what they back them a god. but he kept it sercet to everybody.

One day while Magun and his wife was shopping a band of killers ambush them and stole thier iron bars(which was money in thier country) They overpower,overwhelemd Magun and his wife and beat them to a bloody pulp
but thier weren't done with his wife while two of the killers kept Magun on the ground, The other killer.Rape and kiled his wife. Before the tried to killed Magun. Magun uses his newly discover powers on them and killed all the killers
but sadly he was to late to save his wife. form that day on. Magun was changed man. He deicde he life to learn new spells and to hone his combat skills. One day while he learing new healing spell. Magun read the wrong spell and read a transport spell. That telepott Magun not only here but throught time into the furtue.

Magun enters the unknown place. Want to get answers for his questions
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Luca Fennrall

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PostSubject: Re: Magun Blades   Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:58 am

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Magun Blades
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