EverNight is an Island split into different clans.
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 Ashen, Nick

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PostSubject: Ashen, Nick   Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:50 pm

Technique name: aero tackle
Type: air
Technique description: a high velocity wind blast from his hands feet or mouth which twists into a concentrated tornado. This can very in size getting stronger with a smaller blast and vice versa.
Required Strength points:
30 foot blast-3
15 foot blast-3
1 foot blast-3
Required Magic points:
30 foot blast-5
15 foot blast-7
1 foot blast-9
Health Deduction:
30 foot blast-3
15 foot blast-5
1 foot blast-10
Technique benefits: blast the opponent back
Technique flaws: sacrifices strength for accuracy

Technique name: 10 000 blades
Type: air
Technique description: launches 10 000 blades of air from all around him. the multiple blades slash through his opponent and causes extreme pain. They can be used as a defensive ability as well. they are hard to control and may hurt allies as well.
Required Strength points:-15
Required Magic points:-30
Health Deduction:-35 hp
Technique benefits: can break through chains and other restraints.
Technique flaws: may hurt allies

Technique name: spear punch
Type: air
Technique description: Nick rushes the opponent and punches them or kicks them multiple times with each strike sending a sharp blast of air into there body. the punches pierce the body and and are quicker than the kicks which break bones and are slower. this attack can combine up too 20 strikes and can be used in multiple way. the more strikes the more energy is used.
Required Strength points: -5 {per punch or kick up to ten} -7 {per punch or kick after the tenth}
Required Magic points: -3 {per punch or kick}
Health Deduction: punches -2hp
kicks -3hp
Technique benefits:can break bones or pierce the opponents skin
Technique flaws:can be very tiring
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30/1000  (30/1000)
30/1000  (30/1000)

PostSubject: Re: Ashen, Nick   Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:35 pm


Yuan "Fayt" Amelia Hiwatari
Yukine{pronounced: Yu-key-neh}

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Ashen, Nick
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