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 Shodou, Masa (not finish)

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Masa Shodou

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PostSubject: Shodou, Masa (not finish)   Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:28 pm

Clan Application
First Name: Masa
Middle Name: no
Last Name: Shodou
Nickname(s): Shadow
Age: 17
Birthday: Nov 13
Clan: Vampire
Element: Darkness and fire

Special Ability: Masa's special ablitity is to bring out fears.

  • Explanation & Limits of Gift: To bring out fears he can touch the person only once. He can then get a sample of the fear and make an illusion to his opponent.. Only if he touches a person and the illusion is only a short amount of time.

Weapon: A cane

  • Explanation of Weapon:This cane isn't just any can, it can cause the fear to become real. Though the fear of losing a love on won't work. It have to be like a monster or something like that. This cane can also help Masa to control the shadows more easily.

Physical Appearance: Masa have black hair and black eyes. He's usually wearing casual clothes. Like a white, button up, shirt and black pants. Most of the time, he would be wearing something business like, for example: Ties, shiny black shoes and so on. His cane is always with him and he may or may not have a top hat with him. He's pale like most vampire and when he smiles, his smiles is something that can give you chills since his fangs usually shows.
General Attitude/Personality: Masa love to test anyone and he's a person who studies about everyone before even thinking about meeting them. In front of others, he pretty cold and ignore everyone. He's rude most of the times and doesn't care much of the person's feelings. When he gets a person mad, he would leave them without a care or when he gets a person sad and they are crying of a sort. He made himself not caring even though he kinda cares a little inside. When he's alone, he just overall quiet. He thinks that people who are loud are annoying, then again, he thinks everyone is annoying in some way.
Goals: To get away from his family

Likes: the Dark, a good book, people who knows when to be quiet, fears, stories about nightmares
Dislikes: light, the sun, loud people, people who distrub his sleep
Bad Habits:
Fears: (tell me 2 fears)
Other: (more information about your character)

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Shodou, Masa (not finish)
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