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 Oberon King of the fairies.

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King O

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PostSubject: Oberon King of the fairies.   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:38 pm

Clan Application
First Name: Oberon
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Birthday: He doesn’t remember
Element: Wind and electricity

Special Ability: He has the ability to alter ones mind with the help of his winds that carry his drugs, and shocks that deliver them. He can love hate and lust all with a flap of his wings.

  • Explanation & Limits of Gift:
the drugs can have an adverse effect on Oberon himself and he must take pains to reverse it fast or deal with the problems of his games
Weapon:Just a saber he carries around and attracts the thunder with.

  • Explanation of Weapon: It lets him control lighting if someone else wields it then they control the thunder simple as that.

Physical Appearance: His body is very small and child like but he his as tall as a short man about 4’11and weights next to nothing.
General Attitude/Personality: He is a playful person and a loving person who sometimes lets his games get between him and his loves, He does have a jealous streak and it makes him cruel but he is quick to make up and say he is sorry , at least to his wife.

Likes: Games fun and drama
Dislikes: Not fun stuff feeling guilty and his whore of a wife.
Bad Habits: being childish and brat like, and he cheats on his lover a lot.
Fears: losing his wife and his freedom
Other: He is a happily married sprite.

The Past
Parents: died a long time ago when he was still just a human boy

Siblings:who knows? Not he.

History:History is a fragile thing held by fragile lives and weak minds and fading ink. Past for the king of the fairies was known to him, not by his own mind but by the mind of his wife the queen of fairies Tatiana, her beauty and her words were a stain on the mind of the Oberon the great king o the sprites and nymph. She would tell him of his past but she would leave out his past indiscretions like when made queen macabre his consort, even thought she was the one who cured the great king to be a fairy. Yes Oberon was not bore of fairy wombs but of mans womb. He had mother father maybe even brothers, but when a witch cursed him with the body of a boy forever who would love him? The queen took pity on him and gave him wings. Soon after gave him the ambrosia mix to make him a mortal no more at the price of his past. He soon became Tatiana’s Consort, where he stay playing tricks on men and his wife alike making them love and hate one another. And she played as well with his heart as she took on consort after consort so he in turn did the same. They soon hated one another but found themselves back to each other like a magnet to steel. He wishes to stay with his wife but he like to play a little too much.
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PostSubject: Re: Oberon King of the fairies.   Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:44 pm

normal form

full form (the big wolf...= over half the size of regular man)
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Oberon King of the fairies.
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