EverNight is an Island split into different clans.
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 Hokoicho, Blix

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PostSubject: Hokoicho, Blix   Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:52 pm

(without the horns)
Clan Application
First Name: Blix
Middle Name: Jointer
Last Name: Hokoicho
Nickname(s): BJ
Age: 16
Birthday: December 19th
Clan: Wolf Clan
Element: Water and Lightning

Special Ability: Teleportation

  • Explanation & Limits of Gift:
Can teleport anywhere, as long as water is in the area, and area is not too dry.

Weapon: Backlash(a chained sword)

  • Explanation of Weapon:
Backlash is the name Blix gave to his chained-sword. Its blade at the end is ash black, with blood red colours swirling around it, constantly moving. The chain is a light black, with thorn-like spikes all around it.

Physical Appearance: Blix has dirty blonde hair, which reaches almost to his shoulders, and cover most of his eyes. With blue eyes, usually wears a black hoodie, which has a bunch of stuff all conjoined together, such as dragons, flames, and such. He wears black jeans, and a chain is on them, which reaches almost to his knee. He has tattoos on his shoulders, which swerve, back and forth, and are completely black. He is pretty lean and muscular, weighing about 145 pounds, and about 6 foot tall.
General Attitude/Personality: Blix is very outgoing, energetic, and can be very annoying. He is always doing something to either make people mad, or laugh. He is humorous, and very wild. Blix never really stops to think of anything, but just lives. Is not very well with others when nervous. He can be very strange when he is nervous, and will usually slightly shiver when he is ( i want how your character reacts around other, how they are when they are by themselves, what kind of attitude they have etc.)
Goals: Meet new people

Likes: Music, Girls, and the beach
Dislikes: unfairness, broccoli, and carrots
Bad Habits: Chewing on fingernails, thinks he is always right
Fears: Dying, losing everyone he knows

The Past
Parents: James and Crystal

Siblings: N/A

History: Blix was alone most of his life, being the fact that his dad was a drugee, and always was out playing poker, or drinking. His mother cared, but was always smoking, or with his dad. One day, Blix decided to run away. Since he lived near the beach, which he loved, he thought he would run away to there for now. He took his I-pod, I-touch, and headphones with him. Basically his essentials. He ran away to the beach, and decided to go sleep in an alley one night. While by the trash can, he had a dream that a wolf like creature had bitten him deeply in the arm. He woke up, and found, horrified that the dream was real. He thought he would bleed to death until the moon rose. He became a wolf, and learned there ways. After 2 long years, he could control it.
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PostSubject: Re: Hokoicho, Blix   Tue Jan 05, 2010 9:26 pm

normal form

full form (the big wolf...= over half the size of regular man)
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Hokoicho, Blix
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